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Bowfishing For Carp On The Snake River

A.K.A. Mike’s bow fishing page.

This page has sporadically lived on my web server in one form or another since 1995.

Circa 1995

Mike aims at carp Mike and Don scanning the Snake River at Wawaii Park, Washington, USA for the prey – Carp.
Jason and Don aim at carp Jason and Don lining up their shots.
A carp as a trophy The prize – a dead Carp.
A dead carp The price for being a Carp

A Notice Circa 1996

WARNING A lame attempt at humor and creative writing!

Cyprinus carpio_, other wise know as a "_Carp" is the subject of this page. Rather the shotting of carp on the Snake River is the real subject of this page. Before you send me a Green Peace lovin’ email about the destruction of animals be aware that the carp is not a native species to the Snake River. In fact it was introduced from its native Asia some 150 years ago. Therefore the carp in its artificial habitat of the Snake River is actually a pestilent species, destructive of the environment of the Snake River’s native fish. The carp has no predators save our savior, and hero, and fearless leader, Donald, and his Vice Admiral of Destruction Jason. I have a lawyer, I will sue you if you send me any uneducated dribble contrary to our mission of returning the Snake River to its natural state by the killing of one carp at a time.

I think I must of have gotten a flame email about shooting carp that propted this notice.

Circa 1997

Arrow in a big carp This was a really big carp that got off the arrow.
Fake aiming Jason, is that a white tailed deer you have in your sights? note: bow string is not pulled
Mike and Jason Jason, I wonder if Don got shot in the butt?
Don and Jason in front of Big Red Hey guys — Don made it out all right!

Circa 1998

Getting ready Jason, Byron, and Gene getting the lines ready.
Byron and Jason aim Byron and Jason line up shots.
Bow fish hunks Gene aims, Byron and Mike studs of the Palouse.
Jason the Man Jason … “check me out ladies”
Mike shooting Mike about to shoot.
Jason shooting Jason about to shoot.
Jason's catch If I remember correctly this is the only fish landed that day and Jason was the angler with the most skills.


Mike's Japanese Koi Tattoo This Japanese Koi (carp) lives on my shoulder now.


To be continued …

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