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Ruby RMagick Watermark Bug

Posted by Mike 01/12/2007 at 12:19AM

Here’s the quick and dirty on placing a shaded watermark bug on an image.

The result will be like this example with the bug in the lower right corner.

require 'RMagick'
if !ARGV[0]
    puts "Usage: wm <path-to-image>"
image =[0]).first
mark ='wm.gif').first
mark = mark.shade(true, 310, 30)
image.composite!(mark, Magick::SouthEastGravity, Magick::HardLightCompositeOp)
out = ARGV[0].sub(/\./, "-wm.")
puts "Writing #{out}"

Watermark image is a transparent gif:

Sample source image:

Check out RMagick’s indepth RMagick water marking page . My sample code modified one of their examples to specifically place a watermark in the lower right hand corner of the source image.

The ImageMagick commands to do the same actions at the command prompt are convert and composite

convert wm.gif -shade 310×30 shade.png
composite -gravity southeast -watermark 25 shade.png input.png output.png

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