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switched my blog to obtvse from typo

I switched this blog to the obtvse blog rails app. It fit how I would like to blog, as well as what I prefer in terms of an application and devops for said application.

My criteria for selecting obtvse where these:

  • dynamic as opposed to static rendering
  • simple application, light weight
  • basic templating system

I had been running on Typo, but it became over featured for my needs. I endured as fdv refactored and modernized its code base, but it became a burden to maintain my copy with code changes. Typo has a great community, and I support their efforts, but it no longer fit my blogging desires.

I considered a static blog generator like Octopress, but it didn't fit my itch for performing devops on a small Rails application.

When I first joined the Rails community in 2006 I wrote blog posts all the time about what I was learning. Overtime, I became more proficient in my skills and I didn't have time to blog about what I was doing. Every now and again I would think to myself "this would be good for a blog post" but not articulate the idea any further into written code.

I'm looking forward to becoming an active blogger again because obtvse fosters quick and easy publishing of posts since its templating is done in markup. It's also adept at allowing one to work on any number of blog posts at a given time. For instance, only spend ten or fifteen minutes a day working on multiple posts, until each is ready to be published. I'll no longer have an excuse to not start a blog post when an idea comes to mind and then work on the post a later when time is available.

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