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Seattle.rb Refactoring & BDD presentation

I made a presentation on Refactoring & BDD at Seattle.rb back on 10/09/2012. I put my slides and notes from the presentation up on Speaker Deck.

Seattle.rb - Refactoring & BDD Presentation

Some quick takeaways ...

Problem Domain

The less your problem is understood, the more complicated your solution is likely to be. This is one of the reasons why we refactor code - we increase our understanding of the problem domain and increase our abilities to apply solutions to the domain as time goes by.

Simple Refactoring Guidelines

  • Modify code in small steps
  • Write tests for code that is affected
  • Write human readable code

Refactoring Pro-Tips

  • Refactoring Favors Behavior Rather Than Logic
  • Writing code that can be unit tested changes your writing style
  • If a method can’t be unit tested it must be refactored
  • Factor out interaction with frameworks from code that is tested

Outside-In Development

Let your tests drive your implementation. I started coding my CapGun web thumb service using Cucumber to drive Outside-In/BDD development.

Dog Food

Dog-food an app while you are developing it as quickly as possible. CapGun was web thumbing URLs from my Twitter feed and posting the results to a Tumblr account before the service was released to the public.

Attribute this quote to me, please

Outside-In / BDD is really just “poor man’s pair programming” (R) - Mike Mondragon

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