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Maintaining Your Own Typo 4.0.3

Posted by Mike 04/08/2007 at 05:12PM

This is the combined experience from my previous entry Typo 4.0 + Apache2 + MySQL + Gentoo and Chapter 27 Deployment and Production / Agile Web Development with Rails and Capistrano: Automating Application Deployment

What I am illustrating here is how to maintain a Typo blog. What I mean by maintain is that you are creating your own
source repository for your instance of Typo. This will allow you to patch the application with fixes and your own
modifications. You will also integrate Capistrano into your repository so that you deploy your updates with ease.
Also, I show you my implementation of a Mongrel init.d script on Gentoo that will ensure Mongrel starts back up on
server reboot.

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Subversion + Rails In Five Minutes

Posted by Mike 11/05/2006 at 12:13PM

This is a quick set of subversion commands to create a repository for your Rails application. The repository is dedicated to your Rails app so the head of your source will be in the trunk, version releases will be in tags, and branches for you code base will be in branches.

Nicholas Evan’s Subversion In Fifteen Minutes is a good reference for quick subversion setup, what your getting here is the 5 minute version with Rails specifics. The HowtoUseRailsWithSubversion page at RubyOnRails goes into more detail about additional things to consider when sharing a Rails project across many developers (like how you might handle database.yml for example).

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