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RV2 Camping on Gentoo

Posted by Mike 07/05/2007 at 03:57PM

Evan Weaver wrote a SysV init.d setup for daemonizing Camping apps on a *Nix system and documents it in rv, a tool for luxurious camping

I used that blog entry as a reference to build one called RV2 that is a little bit more Gentoo specific. Here are my scripts and directory layout

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compiling ruby 1.8.5 w/ openssl on Debian (Etch/testing) and FreeBSD in $HOME

Posted by Mike 02/03/2007 at 09:44AM

If you want to have control over the version of ruby that is available in your user space here’s how to build and install it in your $HOME directory. The Debian Way of packaging ruby and gem deviates from the Ruby Way on other Nix platforms. So its better to just do it Your Way so that you have control of which ruby and ruby tools (gem, rake, rails, etc.) is available to your user environment.

This is a way to compile and install ruby 1.8.5 with local dependency on openssl, readline, and openssl on Debian (Etch/testing) 686 in your $HOME directory. The method also works for FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE. (BTW if you have root privilege on your machine and you just want to enable openssl to your already installed ruby make sure the libopenssl-ruby Debian package is installed and ignore the rest of the knowledge presented here.)

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