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small urls with Camping

Posted by Mike 07/04/2007 at 09:42PM

I am happy to announce yet another very small URL generator called

hurl it =>

In fact its first entry is this very blog post.

There are obvious predecessors and the recent (and very cool) Rails based urlTea which itself I think is inspired by rubyurl

But hurl it is not those things, hurl it is a Camping application. Camping is a Microframework written by why the lucky stiff, a MVC based framework that is a total size of 4K and written in Ruby. Camping applications are small, light weight, and are intended to do one thing really well. hurl it does one thing very well – RESTfully create and serve very small URLs.

hurl it has these attributes

  • is a Camping application
  • RESTful (index, show, and create verbs) and responds to application/xml
  • tunes its use of ActiveRecord for use with the performanced minded MyISAM engine
  • developed with Agile practices including full unit and functional tests using Mosquito
  • is open source under the MIT License
  • has a neat-o base 62 number algorithm using the alphabet of 0-9,A-Z,a-z that would be good to know on an interview

hurl it is meant to be the honey layer in your peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread. hurl it is not the sandwich nor tries to be anything more than really super awesome at representing long URLs as really short URLs.

Things I’ve found helpful during hurl it development

I wrote a SysV init.d setup for Gentoo based on Evan’s work call RV2

Source hurl hurl

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  1. topfunky
    07/13/2007 at 07:57PM

    Base62 is brilliant! I need to rewrite PeepCode to use that instead of huge hex-based urls.

  2. topfunky
    09/04/2007 at 03:00PM

    Hmm…this doesn’t work with bignums. I’ll have to try a different solution.

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