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MMS2R working in Rails 2.3.x and 3.x

Posted by Mike 08/17/2010 at 11:53AM

I should have been more vocal about this change in MMS2R. Back in February of this year I released MMS2R version 3.0.0 and starting with that version it was dependent upon the Mail gem, rather than TMail. As you might be aware, Mail is the mail gem that ActionMailer is using in Rails 3. Your "legacy" Rails 2.*.* application can still get the benefits of the latest MMS2R versions even though TMail is used by the older ActionMailers.

Here is an example of patching ActionMailer::Base in a way that we can ignore the TMail object it passes to it's #receive method and instantiate a Mail object that we can use with MMS2R.

class MailReceiver < ActionMailer::Base

  # RAILS 2.*.* ONLY!!!

  # patch ActionMailer::Base to put a ActionMailer::Base#raw_email 
  # accessor on the created instance
  class << self
    alias :old_receive :receive
    def receive(raw_email)
      send(:define_method, :raw_email) { raw_email }

  # Injest email/MMS here

  def receive(tmail)
    # completely ignore the tmail object rails passes in Rails 2.*

    mail =
    mms =, :logger => Rails.logger)

    # do something

Here is a Gist of the above code where you can fork your own copy, etc.

Not to brag or anything, but I heard twitpic is using MMS2R in part of it's application.

Thank you and enjoy!

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